Friday Shout Out to our Virtual Superstars!

We have been extremely impressed with all your hard work this week (both children and parents). You have written poems, learned about fractions, discovered landmarks in London and learned about Chinese New Year. Here are some wow pieces of work this week from Leah, Oliver, Rayhaan, Jia En and Eliza! Keep up all the hard work everyone, we will try to include something fantastic from everyone on here at some point.

Mrs Desborough, Mrs Finnigan and Mrs Pearce.

Virtual Learning

We have had a fantastic week of online and school based learning in 2FD and we are so impressed with the effort that you are putting in to all of your assignments!

We have loved seeing your faces on the live sessions too and we are so impressed with your technology skills!

Here are just a few examples of the amazing home learning that we have seen so far…

Bread Tasting

This afternoon 2FD had a great time tasting a variety of bread as part of our Science topic on healthy lifestyles! We learned about why bread is good for us as part of a balanced diet and enjoyed trying out some new bread such as bagels and pitta…

Fruit and vegetable tasting

In Science, we have been learning about the importance of humans eating the right amounts of different types of food. As much as we would love to eat chocolate all the time, our bodies need different vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy. Luckily, there are lots of yummy fruits and vegetables to eat! We tasted and rated some of them and made funny faces out of salad! We had second and third servings of the salad…there was pretty much zero food waste! I hope you enjoyed the lesson 2FD and continue to make healthy choices at home.

Subtracting 2-digit numbers

On Friday, we revisited how to subtract 2-digit numbers. We used Base 10 both as a resource and in our own drawings. We were all able to subtract the ones first, then the tens. Mrs Desborough was very impressed most of us could exchange ‘one ten’ for ‘ten ones’ when we needed to. Can you show someone at home how to solve some more subtraction problems?

Phonics Fun!

Our phonics assessment is coming up soon so here is a handy guide for remembering ‘How to say the sounds’

There is also a speed sound lesson to go over an example of a split diagraph…