Sports Day!

We had a lovely afternoon of running, throwing and jumping. We worked in teams to score points and the top three teams won medals. Well done everyone for taking part and trying your best!

No Room For Racism!

We took part in the Premier League Primary Stars draw together competition which is all about allyship and how it is important to stop racism. We watched videos of professional football players talking about their experience of racism and what they are doing about it. We created posters to represent what allyship means to us and pledge what we will do to be a good ally. There were lots of good posters, but of course there could only be one winner per class. Congratulations and well done to our 2FD winner who has has been awarded with a medal from Mr Holland! We love your poster because it is unique, written with your own words, and really represents allyship and supporting each other.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

As part of our English lessons this week we have been learning all about the importance of reducing plastic pollution and why we need to recycle more!.

We also used our new skills of writing using apostrophes for contractions, to design some great posters about recycling. Check out Wasi’s, Rayhaan’s and Jia En’s work….

Seaside sketches

As part of our topic on Seasides we have been using our sketching skills to practice lines and shapes and sketch images of our focus town of Bournemouth.

We are going to use our designs to do some printing soon.

What do you think of our work so far?