Common Exception Words for Years 1 and 2

Today we have sent home a list of the Common exception words for Years 1 and 2. These words are sometimes called ‘red words’ or ‘tricky words’ and they don’t quite follow the spelling or phonics rules that children are taught in years 1 and 2.

Why is this important? The thing about common exception words is that they’re very, well, common! Your child will come across them a lot when reading and writing.

Why not play some of these games on Top Marks to help you learn to spell the words?

Times Tables

By the end of Year 2, we would like all our children to know the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. Please check your child’s book bag for times tables posters to keep at home or head to 2FD’s Google Classroom to download them. Also check out these times table songs on the Laugh Along and Learn YouTube channel:

Canadian Art

This week in our topic lessons we have been looking at the work of Canadian artist Christa Rijneveld who creates landscapes and mountain scenes using lines and spots.

We practised some of her techniques in our art books…

Can you follow an instruction?

This week in our English lessons we have been learning how to write instructions. Our class text is ‘How to grow a sunflower’

We have had lots of fun drawing sunflowers, putting our instructions in order and even following other sets of instructions to draw and make things!

Our afternoon of exploring…

Today we went on our very own hunt around the school grounds in search of micro habitats. We found spiders, beetles, woodlouse, snails and slugs!

We then continued with our World Explorers topic work and took a journey via Google Earth to some of Canada’s famous sites.

We visited Niagra Falls, Mt Logan and Lake Ontario to see if we could spot the Human and Physical features of each place.