A fun filled afternoon…

This afternoon for our music session we listened to some more reggae music – this week’s song was called Shine by the group Aswad and it made us want to dance!

We then sang our Aardvark song again but today we added our own musical accompaniment by playing the glockenspiels!!

After music we had some fun learning about the events of the Great Fire of London and we placed these on a timeline to show how the fire spread each day and also how it eventually came to an end.


On Thursday we played a game in small groups where we had to kick a ball that was bowled to us and run around cones to score points. The fielders had to catch the ball and knock over the bowling pin to stop us scoring anymore points. We experimented kicking the ball in different directions to find out where was best to score the most points.

Tuesday in the Year 2 Bubble!

Yesterday we had a lovely day in school working hard on our Google Classroom activities and joining in with the live sessions and all the children learning from home. We did some great work on our reading comprehension and using dictionaries to find the meanings of wow words from our class text. We then did some mental Maths before we had a go at our Maths quiz questions. We even chanted our 2 times table to help us remember it!

In the afternoon we did some number writing in Mandarin where we practiced the correct direction of our strokes and then we decided to draw Mrs Parker’s favourite children’s book character – The Gruffalo!

Wellbeing day

We hope you’ve all enjoyed your second wellbeing day either at home or at school.

Keep up all the amazing work that you are doing as we love to see how much you are learning and we can’t wait to all be back together again very soon.

Can you spot any of your work in this video?

Spring 1 half term round-up

Well done everyone! We have made it to half-term and looking at this video Ms Younis had compiled for all of Year 2, what a busy half-term it has been! We are all so proud of you – children who are learning from home, children who are coming into school, plus parents, TAs and teachers. Enjoy the video!